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About Us.

Madamar is a polish company having its headquarters in the capitol of Poland ( Warsaw) , Madamar was established by a group of people who have the experience for more than 20 years in :

  • pharmaceutical.
  • food supplements.
  • medical devices.
  • cosmetics products.

In addition to Madamar’s founders experiences, they have their various nationalities from different continents ( Europe, Asia and Africa) ,and this variation was gathered in Madamar Brand to create a unique brand which accompanies the evolution of the modern age and meet the need of all the markets regarding ( documents , packaging, design ,quality, price , logistic ,marketing and propaganda instructions) for all customers in all over the world.

Vision & Mission

We act with concern for you.



Our goal is to expand the current range of products available on the pharmaceutical market. We focus on the highest quality; therefore, we create dietary supplements and dietary foods for special medical purposes based on our knowledge and extensive experience.



Our priorities are safety, effectiveness and user satisfaction, which is why when developing the composition of our products we always follow the latest research results. In addition, each of them undergoes multistage research in leading laboratories, because health is the highest value for us.



Madamar’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through an extensive range of specialized nutritional supplements and vitamins, based on the highest quality ingredients. The dynamic development motivates our team to compose preparations that will be the answer to the modern problems of physical and mental health of humans.


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Madamar provides its services to all companies which are willing to enter other global markets (especially in Europe , Asia and Africa) continents , and Madamar’s capability to perform all these services lies to the various experiences of its founders and their different nationalities from all over the world.

Registration Service

(for both manufacturing sites and their products ) in all the three continents (Europe , Asia and Africa)

Logistic Service

Madamar provides the best transportation solutions and customs clearance procedures to its customers to ship all their goods between the three continents (Europe , Asia and Africa).

Marketing Service

this service is bounded to Madamar customers in all the countries of the world . This service is provided through a specialized and professional team , which performs the following services:

  • Explains how to effectively and rapidly market Madamar products
  • Trains the medical representatives
  • Explains how to take the market share
  • Prepares the brochures and all the promotional material and scientific activities

New Branding Service

Madamar provides its advices and consults for all its customers that are willing to make their own private label , it provide the easiest and fastest solutions to produce their products from the first steps ( including design , packaging , issuing all required documents from the countries of origin and finding the best formulations which are compatible with all regulations in both of the countries of origin and marketing countries), till they got the finished products .


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Warszawa – POLAND

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